Over the course of the last month I have been involved in an eye opening challenge.  I enrolled myself in a course, a course that would show me Clarity, it would show me Courage.

I can honestly say that I didn’t know that it would come down to me completing my blog.  Making my blog “good enough” to work on and to fully commit to blogging twice a week… setting a schedule and getting after this craft/art/work that will become a huge part of my existence.

Here is it. The patience I have had was almost a secret… I was so so so dying to do this and didn’t know how to push myself to just jump in.  Well here we are and I am ready to share my health journey, I am ready to share my life, my mom life, my work life, my wife life, my Chantelle life.

I want to give a ton of credit to Mel Robbins and her team for showing me how awesome I already am.  I was shocked to do this course, to learn so much in so little time and to be faced with reality that this is either happening the way my head says it will, it’s happening the way others from my past says it will, or I get my BIG GIRL panties on and I do it the way Chantelle wants it to go – the right way in faith!

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