Parenting, Wife-ing, & Target on Vacation?!

Hey !

Well it’s late Thursday night… I’ve conquered the following since yesterday dinnertime.

-Fly with 2 kids, a husband and a ton of luggage to San Diego.

-Stop along the way in San Francisco as a layover

-Stay in a hotel

-Rent a car and car seats

-Check into our Air B&B… and now (If you ever need a place in San Diego, message me this place is amazing with a pool and it was NOT expensive).


I’m wide-awake with so many takeaways to share about parenting.

1. If you are Canadian and love Target, don’t take your husband and kids (I did)

2. Don’t ever forget to start with coffee (I forgot)

3. Next time figure out a better phone data plan, this whole worrying about it thing is a bugger (travel plans are just not good to me)

4. Lastly, but not the least in any sense… pray that your child does not develop an allergic reaction to his or her medication the day before you fly… it’s sad to see them sick and sad to be “not at home” but also a pain trying to kindly, nicely, politely tell everyone person who asks… No he is not contagious; NO it is not the measles… I digress.

Now onto wife-ing… is that a word?

I wanted a family vacation.

My husband wanted a couples getaway.

I won.

I grew up with a single mom, and family vacations weren’t a possibility.  Now that we are both entrepreneurs and can decide when we come and go and how we spend our time (home or away) I really want to live it up with family vacays.  This is our first family vacation with the four of us, and Devon is a year and a half!  How did that happen?

Do you travel with your kids, if so – where to?

If not, why?

One question I get asked often is… Chantelle – how do you “mom”, work full time, be a pretty awesome wife, take the kids to all activities and still maintain your patience, composer, and weight!  It’s a long story honestly and it didn’t happen over night but I would love to share it with you.  Check out this cool little video I did about it and why I have FAILED!

I do travel for work often (company events/training events etc.) so it’s common for us and the boys are just so excited to be here so I’m just ready to soak them up along with some sun.

Until the next time, have an amazing night!

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