If you like Pina Coladas…


If you like Pina Coladas, I bet we could be really good friends.

But if you LOVE Margaritas then we are meant to be.

While in San Diego

I’ve made it my mission to grade the margaritas as I tour around.
I’m not a big drinker by any means (a drink a week is my norm) but I love a great Lime Margarita on the rocks and let me tell you – they vary!

Beyond this boozie moment, I have some great keto tips and tricks that I’d love to share with you tonight!

First things, first… regardless if you eat Ketogenic, if you are strict keto or if you use exogenous ketones
like me so you can have a Margarita once in a blue moon (or daily during vacation..)
It’s good to know the basics.

1: If you get Keto flu that is the sign you are doing it right, your body is ridding itself of glucose and it’s like a bit of withdrawal.

2: If you have cramping in your legs or feel light headed you can add these quick things to your daily regiment and this will
eliminate that. Take Calm or Nuun (magnesium supplement found at your local drug store). Gives you the electrolytes you
need and gets you back on track. MORE healthy fats will get over headaches… this can be avocado (I eat a lot of Guac), MCT oil (1-4-3),
butter (Kerry Gold brand is amazing), or healthy fatty foods (google is your friend here.)

3: Add Himalayan salts… to food, water, Ketones…. it’s a game changer. (I like it on scrambled eggs or added to my homemade salad dressing,
made with our own MCT oil).

<3 If you'd like more info on what a Ketone is WATCH THIS quick video - I was newer when I did this one so it's a great newbie perspective. I'd love to be Facebook friends, so be sure to send a friend request HERE! Always and out for today, Chantelle Taylor

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