Staying Healthy with a Family in Tow
I get asked the same questions often and it has to do with being healthy, having kids and a spouse who loves all things food!
Some of those questions are: Do your kids eat Keto? Does your husband follow what you do? Do you workout and how often?  How on earth do you drink 80+ oz. of water a day?  What do you eat when you get out for a meal?
Here is my quick response to theses questions: My kids eat low carb but do not “diet”. My husband eats what I make for him to eat at home for dinner and on the weekends otherwise he does his own thing during the day – that is where he is at and I am proud of him for allowing me to introduce  new foods and ideas into our home without hesitation. I work out 5 days a week, 6 if I feel the need to push harder or have stress to break through.  I pre-plan my water, I always have bottled water with me and I buy water everytime I purchase a coffee or beverage on the go as a chaser. When we go out for dinner I order what I want and consider how I will feel after.  I know that if I eat a lot of carbs my stomach, head and body overall feels like junk, I like to order medium wings, cheese burgers, salads, spinach/cheese dip and I really like lime margaritas.  I enjoy my life and know that if I take more calories in than I’m burning then the math just won’t make sense.
A few tips would be:
1. Take water with you and challenge yourself to drink at each stop light, or whenever you think about it, yes it’s an adjustment and you will have to pee more often.
2. Don’t overthink, just make meal choices and alter as you go.
3. Start by joining a gym or finding a workout partner.  You can’t change the world overnight.
4. Don’t expect others to change or make them feel forced to follow your health journey, once they see your progress they all start jumping on board.
Have an amazing day,

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