I haven’t been showing up here as often as I wanted to be.
I planned to provide amazing recipes, mom hacks and fitness stuff more often then I have been.
I hate excuses, so I won’t even begin to have one.
I actually made a decision to out run myself, I decided to “go back to school…”
I have been thinking about this for a while.  Here I am. I’m a wife to Matt, I’m a mommy to Casen & Devon, I have a Mortgage Business that I don’t run anymore when I took on my f/t time last fall and have my business filtered through a very very amazing friend/mortgage broker and that business to me has come and gone and either it outgrew me or I outgrew it… not exactly sure which one makes more sense.  I have spent countless nights thinking, I’m 32 years old and I thought I would be doing/being/having so much more by now.  I am currently reading (listening via Audible) Girl, Wash your Face and she says this is the most common thing for women, women of my age.  I literally have been working my butt off to do an amazing job at my job, which I truly believe I do.  But on the other hand, I truly don’t feel “at home.”  I feel very much Un-Chantelle.  It came to me during yet another doctor’s appointment with my son.
May I for a moment, go off course and explain this portion of our life.  My 3 1/2 year old has had back issues for about 16 months now, and it hasn’t let up and it hasn’t been a fun journey of doctors, and me feeling inadequate, and me feeling like the doctor thinks I’m insane and me feeling the stress, because God love him but my husband does not deal with the kids yucky stuff and especially not the doctor/hospital/examination stuff.  I feel stress in a “pit of your stomach” kinda way.  We are now a few weeks away from his Cardiologist appointment, and we are in line for his MRI and we are finally approved by the Province for covered treatment and classified as a real “case file” and we aren’t making this up in our heads… and we wait… and I still feel Un-Chantelle.
So, in all of that, with all the things, with all the stuff I decide that I need to understand his back and my body and why I feel the way I do with exercise, or when I don’t exercise.  I need to understand a lot and I need to help another mom, or moms or families who are or may go through this weird stuff with their kids… that I am I going through.  I did a bunch of research online and based on what the fitness/health/food pros that I follow have done really started to change the course of my ideas.  I came to the conclusion I would take a course in Personal Training to get my feet wet, to be able to make some structured plans to share and help others.  I have been immersed in this morning and night every day for a few weeks now and it was kinda crazy how scared I was to tell my husband about my idea and how I want to make an impact in the world and the scarier part in it all was how amazing he reacted and he proud he looked at me and how I just felt like YES this is the right decision…
So, my journey to better continues to grow and the Un-Chantelle has melted away.  I will not be changing course in my Ketone journey- that is here to stay and is a staple moment in the path that has been set out for me.  Ketones was the first step I was given, the second was the people I’ve met, the third was my sons health problem, the fourth has been the experience and now who knows what steps I’ll be walking, or running but what I know FOR SURE is that I will out run myself, I will challenge myself to grow and do better EVERY SINGLE DAY.



Always xo,

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