Have you ever noticed when you do the things that are the most uncomfortable that something great happens… something new happens?!

This phenomenon started to happen for me in May of 2017.   First off, I was on a new adventure… I joined a company to be apart of the better movement and found myself smack dab in the middle of a lot of uncomfortable situations. 

First it started with these online meetings called Zooms, that was weird… but now I host them!
Then our corporate office said “We would like you to speak on a call with the CEO.” I probably hesitated 3 seconds and responded YES… because a NO wouldn’t have moved me in any direction. 

I’ve found that as long as we are moving about life and saying Yes, when ethical and moral, we are putting ourselves into the universes Freeway of Speed.  What I mean by this, is that you don’t get anywhere fast when you say no.  In other words, if your vehicle chimes and says it needs gas and you don’t fill it (a no) you essentially run out of gas and stand on the side of the road alone.  If you keep filling up the tank and get oil changes, put washer fluid in… then you are smooth sailing, you are open to opportunity, you are able to get in and drive and go and create, do be and be seen!

After that initial weird online zoom meeting I started to catch on to what was happening, we were becoming friends and building a community even though we were all over North America.  From there it became comfortable… Here’s the kicker… you get all excited “Ok, I’m going to do something uncomfortable, I’ll do it”… and then you get comfortable and it gets easy and then guess what… long pause… you need to get uncomfortable again because you grew there and that was awesome, pat yourself on the back!  Now get your butt back to work.

It was around June 2017 when I heard about Mel Robbins, she’s a mom & a wife (like me), she has a company (like me), she is pretty cool and swears sometimes (like me too) and she was going to be speaking at an upcoming event I was attending.  I found out she had this book, a best seller as well, I didn’t hesitate (which is funnier in a second) and bought her audiobook to get acquainted and see what I was up against.

Well she is an expert on a bunch of stuff, mostly getting your shit done and not hesitating… see how funny that is now that I didn’t hesitate to buy her auidobook!!!

Not only did her book tell me how to get more uncomfortable it was a great read that showed me that when you do this you go faster and faster and grow taller and taller… all in a business perspective not physically!

So here is my challenge for you today – will you go out and not hesitate?  Will you buy that coffee for a stranger, will you do that awful facebook live you’ve been dreading for a year, will you call your long lost someone, will you raise your hand and share your big idea?  If you still want to be comfortable I suggest you quickly jump over to Mel Robbins book on amazon and get a copy and start getting comfort being uncomfortable.



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