The Daily Smoothie Recipe…


This recipe was taken from a book called “Body Love by Kelly LeVeque”.  I’ve taken the recipe and modified it a bit here and there and made it my own.


Why do I love it?  Well it tastes good and it fills me up.  I had one for breakfast today, followed by a coffee and honestly my mid-section thanks me for no bloat, for the feeling of full and no yucky tummy aches from having all those “breakfast carbs”.


Why do I follow #lchf (low carb high fat)?  I wasn’t always this way.  I started out living a life full of all things carbs because that’s all I knew.  Then I heard about how eating low carb high fat would give me a natural energy source (from my stored fat) and I was like GIVE ME ALL THE LCHF items there are! I took my time and honestly, we are so far from a perfect #lchf family… but what we do have is a good grasp on what is good for our bodies and what is just a comfort food.  My two sons (2&4 years old) are learning about foods and how some give you a feeling of excitement (candy/breads) but then that leads to a yucky belly or a feeling of discomfort.  We are also learning about our brains and how they love healthy fats. 


It may seem crazy to some that I have such in-depth conversations with my 4 year old about his brain, or his food but he is living proof what bad food can do to someone.  He was a lover of milk, and he drank it a lot and he wouldn’t drank much else… the biggest problem was he would drink the milk, not eat food, still gain weight…. BUT he was angry always.  He was constipated always, he was not a happy camper.  We (my chiropractor and I) made a decision exactly a year ago to cut dairy out completely from his diet and “see” if that would help. 


3 days later he was a different child.  He still had meltdowns and acted like any other 3 year old when they don’t get their way but he was kinder, he was happier, he was EATING FOOD, and he was more regular! 


Fast forward a whole year and Case loves to drink water – Yes! he asks for it and he chooses it over juice… he chooses it over the rare occasion where he can have a little bit of chocolate milk.  We had cut dairy completely and reintroduced some items like cheese over time and continue to have him on lactose free yogurt and cheese when available.  Are we strict about it? NOPE.  When he is at a friends house, school, dayhome, or just out being a 4 year old boy he has what is there… the only downside is we know he might have a yucky belly later and he will at times choose to not have something because he knows and is aware of the feeling.


Brings me to the point that needs to be made, it doesn’t matter how old or young your kids are, teach them about food.  Food is so good, in moderation and with the right mindset.  Our kids don’t like salad… they don’t like meat some days… they don’t like me some days LOL … but we bend and flow with it and we all come out better in the end.


Back to the smoothie, the boys love this smoothie.  The coolest part is they don’t know what is in it and they don’t realize how good it is for them… bonus tip- add all the green things in a smoothie/add raspberry and/or blueberries and the colour will come out purple or pink… so no one suspects the difference.


Use your Blender or the large blender cup for this recipe.  The recipe is for one serving but you can double it for yourself and 2 little ones to share!


PS:  Everything I use to cook and make recipes with in our home is #kidfriendly so you never have to worry about what may happen If they eat/drink your food.


Pour into blender in this order… it’s just easier this way.


1.     1 Cup Unsweetened Almond or Coconut Milk

2.     1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder, I recommend Magnum brand.

3.     1 cup Fresh Spinach or handful of frozen spinach (if you can’t find frozen, buy fresh and freeze it)

4.     A medium to large sized avocado

5.     1 teaspoon chia seeds (Costco)

6.     1 teaspoon flaxseeds (Costco)

7.     1 Cup frozen berries (I use Raspberries)

8.     Optional: MCT 1-4-3


Enjoy and be sure to check out Kelly’s Book for more amazing recipes!

Always xo,

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