Thanks for checking out this recipe!  Feel free to catch the Facebook Live (pre-recorded) to see how easy this recipe really is.  This is a great add on to a small lunch, this amount is based on making enough for two people.  Double as required.



1 Avocado (In: ready to eat stage)

1 large/or 2 medium tomatoes

2 tbsp oil (olive oil/coconut oil/mct oil)

1 tbsp balsamic vinegarette 

1 shallot

salt & pepper

garlic powder 

Chop up the tomato and the shallots and place them in a bowl.  Add oil, vinegarette,  salt and pepper, and garlic powder.  Mix together.  Take your whole avocado and cut it in half length-ways.  Pop out the pit (you should now have two boats/bowls).  Cut lines across the avocado horizontally and vertically.  Add the tomato mixture on top and eat this amazing treat/snack with a spoon!!  WAHHHHLAAAHH!  Enjoy. <3 

Always xo,

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